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anticipatory bail
Whether Anticipatory Bail is needed in 498a Complaint? 2

Complaint of Dowry and Domestic violence is submitted to the SSP office by wife against Husband and her in laws.

What is the role of women cell?

Complaint is sent to the women cell of the concerned area where wife is residing. On receipt of complaint, women cell inspecting officer call the opposite party and listen to their reply on each allegation made out by the wife.

How to get copy of 498a, 406 ipc complaint

Many fake allegations are written in the complaint to harass family members of husband. If a call is received from women cell, it is important to ask for copy of complaint or alternatively apply through RTI for a copy of complaint.

Visit to women cell is mandatory?

Yes it is mandatory. Visit women cell and ask for time to submit reply to the complaint. No women cell officer arrest any one and main motto of women cell is to see the truth in complaint and resolve the issue in joint meetings. So no Anticipatory Bail is needed until FIR is registered for serious issues.

Anticipatory bail is required ?

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