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Proposal of Joint Venture in the field of Legal Process Outsourcing Services from UK, USA and UAE

I, Deepak Malhotra Advocate, having my law firm office at Quiet Office No 4, Sector 35-A, Chandigarh -160035 would like to offer your good self, to work jointly in the field of Legal process Outsourcing. I am a commerce and law graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India and is having expertise in the field of Legal Process Outsourcing, Real Estate and Financials, Litigation Support, Contract management etc. I am running a legal firm namely Legal Consultants. My son, Avish Malhotra is also an advocate and running an LPO firm namely Draftify. We have a team of expert Lawyers to discharge LPO projects quickly and efficiently. Few of the services are as under, which can be handled remotely under my supervision from UAE, UK, the USA to India;

  1. Legal Abstracts – Legal Research for International Companies

Our team of expert lawyers is competent to make abstracts of long legal documents useful for arguments, reply, rejoinders, motions, prosecution evidence, and defence evidence to reveal the truth. Legal abstract by a competent lawyer is important to win cases with a minutely detailed study of each part of the document attached in a plaint/ petition/complaint.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing Services in India:-

Legal Work, Litigation Support, Legal Suits, Legal Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Software Contracts, Employment Contracts, Privacy Policies, Software Policies, Reconciliation and Arbitration, Legal Supervision, Legal Management, Legal Training, Financial, Real Estate, Secretarial including presentations, Legal publishing services, Contract drafting and review services, Business/market research, Document review including e-discovery, Administrative such as reports and Financial Analysis.

  • Contract Drafting Services :-
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements,
    • Employment Agreement,
    • Buyer Apartment Agreements,
    • Lease Agreement Contracts,
    • Consultant/Sub Consultant Agreement,
    • Employment Agreements and Bonds,
    • Website Contract Agreements,
    • Distributor Contracts,
    • Material Transfer Agreements,
    • Website Privacy Policy,
    • Inter-Institutional Agreements,
    • Research Agreements,
    • Distributor Agreement Contract Drafting,
    • Collaboration Agreements,
    • Sub- Contract Agreement,
    • Memorandum of Understanding,
    • Partnership Agreement,
    • E-Commerce Agreement
  • Contract Review Services for various Sectors:–
  • Real Estate,
  • Healthcare,
  • Builders,
  • Shipping and Logistics,
  • Insurance,
  • Banking,
  • Financial Services,
  • Restaurant,
  • Hotels,
  • NBFC,
  • e-Commerce
  • Technology,
  • Telecom
  • IT Companies
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Contract Management Services:–
  • Keeps a track of important dates pertaining to contract renewals and generating alerts,
  • Examine the contracts for completeness,
  • Identify missing contracts,
  • Contract compliance and global regulations analysis,
  • Review contracts for compliance, and
  • Contract-related administrative support
legal process outsourcing
LPO- Legal Process Outsourcing Companies in India

What legal process outsourcing and other legal services can be handled by Advocate Deepak Malhotra and his team of expert lawyers?

legal process outsourcing

1. Real Estate/ Builder Disputes in RERA & State Commission Chandigarh & Punjab.
2. Mutual Consent Divorce u/s 13-B of HMA.
3. Contested Divorce u/s 13 of HMA.
4. Mediation and Arbitration for Companies Dispute Resolution.
5. Cheque Dishonour cases under u/s 138 of NIA.
6. Legal Abstract for Arguments, Reply, Rejoinder, Evidence and Cross-Examination.
7. Recovery Suits under Order XXXVII.
8. Anticipatory and Regular Bail matters.
9. Preparation of Suits, Plaints, Motion, Complaints.
10.        Cases pertaining to Domestic Violence.
11.        NRI Dispute and its resolution.
12.        Child Custody under GWA.
13.        Quashing of FIR
14.        Defence Trial etc.