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Emerging Areas of Law Practice For Chandigarh Lawyers

The legal field of the profession has been expanding day by day as the legal needs of people evolve. Lawyers now have multiple subfields to specialize in and build a career from. If a law student is eager to join the community of Chandigarh Lawyers, he can do so by specializing in many emerging sectors of law and its applications.

Profitable areas of Legal Practice 2022

Law is a professional field that will always be in demand because of the services people need. Moreover, the demand for certain specialized services has been steadily going up. Some of the growing areas of law are labour, cannabis, and cybersecurity. New age lawyers now have the option of going beyond the traditional role of Bail Lawyer in Chandigarh or divorce lawyer. As a lawyer, if you want to join a company and live the corporate life, you can become one of the Chandigarh Corporate Lawyers.

Here are a few emerging areas of law for a clear direction to your legal practice career.

Labour Law

Labour law governs the legal framework of rights, responsibilities and roles of workers, associated organizations, and labour unions. The labour law sector deals with the basic rights of workers and how to create a legally viable and fruitful relationship between company workers and management. A labour law lawyer upholds the labour laws applicable in the country and keeps work practices legitimate.

Labour unions often hire labour law specialists for disputes with unionized employees. Many people think that labour law is the same as employment law. Although labour law relates to the employment of workers, it is valid on unionized workers and labour unions. The two law application areas are a bit different.

Elder Law – Senior Citizen Act

The senior citizens of society are some of the most neglected populations around us. However, there are many laws that govern the welfare of senior citizens and elders. Lawyers are needed for the application of these laws to ensure that elders do not suffer abuse and discrimination in society. From retirement issues to quality healthcare provisions, elder law professionals uphold their basic rights.

Elder law professionals also help in long-term care planning and real estate and asset handling on behalf of senior citizens. For being an elder law professional, you have to possess a high level of integrity and credibility. The senior citizen population is one of the most vulnerable sections of the present society. Therefore, they need good professionals who are efficient in providing the right services to them. An elder law professional needs to handle their issues with sensitivity and tact.

Environmental Law – Pollution Control

The conservation of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. You can shoulder this crucial responsibility in a better way by choosing to practise environmental law. The environment falls under many rules and regulations for its conservation and protection. Environmental lawyers help implement these laws in real life. Many people and organizations are still unaware of environmental laws. Therefore, there is a huge need for environmental lawyers now.

If you want to move away from the traditional roles of a Divorce Lawyer in Chandigarh, a Divorce Lawyer in Mohali or a Divorce Lawyer in Zirakpur, you can choose modern law areas like cyber security and IP laws for more challenging professional roles.