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 Cheque Bounce Case
How to Handle Cheque Bounce Case u/s 138 of NIA 2

If any of your cheques, is dishonored because of insufficient funds then you will receive legal notice for the said cheque bounce under section 138 of NIA. If you pay the due amount within 15 days from the receipt of notice then no case is filed against you under section 138 of NIA. On nonpayment, it files a case against you in the Honorable Court of Jurisdiction (ecourts) and summons are issued followed by Bailable warrant and Non-Bailable warrants. for Bail and Trial.

Steps, if you wish to file a cheque bounce case under section 138 of NIA

  • 1. Issue Legal Notice within 30 days without fail
  • 2. Give 15 days time to the defaulter from the receipt of notice (track receipt date)
  • 3. File Complaint under section 138 of NIA within 30 days.
  • 4. Give preliminary evidence on 1st listing
  • 5. Summons will be issued to the defaulter
  • 6. Deliver summons through Regd. AD or BPL
  • 7. Submit a delivery report at 10 am in the court on the next date and ask the court to issue bailable warrants for next date if accused does not appear in the Court.
  • 8. If the defaulter does not appear on the next date then non-bailable warrants are issued and thereafter PO proceedings will be initiated against the defaulter.
  • 9.Submit property details of the defaulter to get it attached and proceed for registration of an FIR. f

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