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Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh

divorce lawyers in chandigarh
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Contested or Mutual Divorce?

Divorce under section 13 of HMA (Contested Divorce)

Mutual Consent Divorce U/s 13-B of HMA

What are the rights of the wife?

Maintenance Case U/s 125 of Cr. P. C

Domestic Violence Case & Appointment of P.O

Dowry related cases under section 498A

Alternative Dispute Resolution for settlement

Compromise Deed preparation and Quashing of FIR

Interim Maintenance U/s 24

Judicial Separation

Mediation on behalf of Husband or Wife.

Quick Divorce Process in India

If both husband and wife agree to a quick divorce in India, the following quick divorce procedure is the only solution and quick divorce process in India.

Mutual Compromise Agreement:

Both husband and wife have to prepare a mutual compromise agreement to resolve all important issues, given below;

  1. Amount of permanent/ regular Alimony
  2. Custody of Child
  3. Handing over all stridden items like gold, gifts, articles etc.
  4. Withdrawal of all pending litigation, cases and complaints.
  5. Quashing of registered F.I.R against husband and in-laws
  6. Property rights.
  7. Child safety measures and maintenance.
  8. One Time Settlement amount.

Mutual Consent Divorce Petition U/s 13-B

We have to file a joint Petition u/s 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act. The detailed terms and conditions of the Mutual Consent Divorce Petition are available at Blog of Deepak Malhotra Advocate on mutual consent divorce draft petition.

First Motion Statement of Mutual Divorce:

Both husband and wife have to record their first motion statement in the family court on the first day of the mutual consent divorce case. On recording the first motion statement, the Honorable Court fix the next date of hearing after 6 months 

An application seeking condonation of 6 months 

After two weeks, we apply seeking condonation of  6 months period, based on past litigation and separation period. One should draft this application in consultation with divorce lawyers in Chandigarh.

Second Motion Statement on Mutual Divorce:

If it allows an application, it gives a very short date to record the second motion statement. The second motion statement is the last opportunity to rethink the final decision of separation. It is to record under the supervision of good divorce lawyers in Chandigarh.

We need to read this statement, carefully because, on the signing of this statement, it gives no further opportunity to any of the parties to amend any clause decided in the mutual divorce.

Divorce Decree in few days under the supervision of expert divorce lawyers in Chandigarh

After recording second motion, the Honorable Court grant a decree of divorce and it is the only quick divorce procedure in India.

Apply a Certified Copy of Divorce Decree

Once the Honourable Family Court decides, apply 4 to 5 copies of Divorce Decree.

Purpose for applying Certified Copies of Divorce Decree?

They require the Certified copies for various purposes like Change of husband’s name from passport, change of status in Aadhar Card, Gas Connection, removal of name from nomination in the bank accounts, removal of beneficiary from properties, pension benefits, gratuity and Provident Fund benefits.

When a spouse can remarry?

A spouse can remarry with another man or woman on receipt of certified copy of Divorce with Mutual Consent under section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act. In case of Divorce under section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act, a spouse has to wait for atleast 90 days. 

Consult a good divorce lawyer?

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