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Cheque Bounce case handling?

cheque bounce

Steps in Cheque Bounce Cases;

  • Direct Discharge of Liability:
  • You have issued a cheque to the opposite party
  • Op has presented your cheque in his bank account.
  • Bank has returned the said cheque with remarks “insufficient funds”
  • Cheque Bouncing is an offense under section 138 of NIA
  • We have received a Legal Notice..
  • Within 15 days of its receipt, we need to send a reply to the said notice with details that there is no legally enforceable debt against the cheque.
  • If we wish to make payment against said cheque, then we have to make a demand draft of the amount equal to the cheque to discharge the liability
  • On payment, no case of cheque bounce under section 138 of NIA is maintainable.
  • Trial of case under section 138 of NIA
  • OP filed a case u/s 138 of NIA
  • We shall receive summons from the Honorable Court
  • On the first day of appearance, we have to get a bail by presenting security equal to approx. 20% of cheque bounce amount.
  • They will frame charges as Guilty or Not Guilty.
  • Complainant shall tender evidence affidavit
  • Cross-examination of the complainant
  • Statement of Accused or Evidence along with Cross-Examination.
  • Decree

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