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nri property management
NRI Property Management by NRI Lawyers in Chandigarh, India, U.K 2

Our legal team shall offer, following NRI Legal Services and NRI Property Management Services;

Rental Assistance

We cater special needs to people who stay away from their property who need their property to be rented out after reviewing the background of tenants..

Buying Assistance

We will short list properties, which reduces your effort to search or hunt the property as we play that role for you. Property legal status shall be reviewed thoroughly before the final deal.

Selling Assistance

Selling assistance is your smooth step to sell any property and to be away from the daunting work of searching for a potential customer and follow up of all the paper work.

Property Monitoring

It is not worth owning properties without constant monitoring. Here we are, to combat this menace in a very transparent, genuine and safe way to take care of your property with vigilance

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