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Lawsuit Q-1: What is the limitation to file money lawsuit by government arising out of a contract?

Money recovery suits could be filed within a period of three years from the date of last money transaction. Before the last day of limitation both civil suit or summary suit under order xxxvii can be filed in the concerned district court of jurisdiction.

Lawsuit Q-2: Continuous sale of commodities from past 10 years payment of which not received explain limitation to file suit on behalf of plaintiff

When the transactions are of continue nature and payments are received in parts then the limitation period of three years is calculated from the date of last monetary transaction.

Lawsuit Q-3: In civil case can party send their objection through road to the court ?

The objections may be sent through road, air or an email to the concerned court. However for cross examination, physical appearance is mandatory.

Lawsuit Q-4: Whether person can file a suit for injunction in civil court restraining mobile company to construct mobile tower in residential areas whether such suit will be barred under Sec 29 of NGT Act

To file a suit for injunction first a legal notice under section 80 is issued to concerned municipal corporation and thereafter the said suit could be filed. Suit will not be barred under any other act.

Lawsuit Q-5: A case against me was lodged for maintenance . After the final settlement of the maintenance, I started giving money in the court. Is there any possibility for the case to revive for the allegations that has been put up against me.

Settlement must have done in the maintenance case u/s 24 of HMA or Section 125 of CrPC or in DV Act. Question of filing case on same allegations, depends on the clauses of the settlement deed executed among both of you.

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