Legal Consultants is dedicated in providing its client, a high quality professional service and personal attention, as lawyers and legal advisors.  We try to go “the extra mile” for clients who are in remote areas of India and especially in the area of Punjab & Haryana. We concentrate on special services for the Non Resident Indians who face difficulty in locating lawyers.
As we are a small firm, associated with various other independent lawyers, we are selective about the work accepted and the clients we represent.  If we accept to represent you in a legal matter, your work will be done conscientiously and diligently.
You should have a look at the following pages in which we provide guidelines for services, information regarding letter of engagement, and a checklist for hiring a lawyer.
This website will hopefully provide you with some insight into our background and specialization, as well as interests in the legal field.
Guidelines for Client Service:
Just a short outline of how you (the client) can ensure that the bill is within the parameters quoted and that you receive the quality of service which you expect and have a right to. Clients who are proactive, cooperative and solvent are usually the ones who get attention first.
If you want to be an “ideal” or “super” client, the following are some of the suggestions which the staff and I have come up with:
1. Make an appointment, rather than simply dropping in.  Some days dropping in are perfect, but we all have bad days.  We don’t like to make a bad impression by not giving you proper attention while you’re in our office, such as appearing distracted.  So, if you know you’re going to be in town, find out when’s a good time to visit.
2. When you have an appointment, come prepared.  This may be with a list of questions, or simply a short sketch of the objectives you wish to reach.  It’s also helpful for us to have a list of these questions in advance, so that we can keep the meeting focused on your questions and answers, and questions of our own generated by these questions. If you are coming for your first visit, have a look at the following checklist for hiring a lawyer that you might want to ask in the meeting.
3. Ask for a Letter of engagement from us.
4. When we provide you with a list of documents that we need, please bring ALL items on the list.  We try to make sure that the list provided is comprehensive, so that we don’t waste a client’s time going back and forth asking for documents on a piecemeal basis.  We do ask that clients do the same for us, and provide us complete documentation.  If you have a problem obtaining a particular document, or you simply don’t have it, then let us know in advance, to see if we can come up with a solution.   This also means that you should gather the information before its absence generates a crisis.  Sometimes our office staff can help with preparing the documents.  BUT, remember, our time is valuable, and as a result the bill will be higher.  If you ask us to help with the preparation of documents, please bear this in mind when you are presented with the bill.
5. We are multitasking continually… this means that we may be juggling things for 10 different clients in one day, and your paperwork is being worked on in the order it arrived.  There are times, also, when we are waiting for paperwork to arrive back that was submitted to a government department, and without having those particular papers back, we can’t move on to the next stage.
6. Understand we are not magicians or the Godfather. Our charm does have limits and sometimes the public servant in question does not cooperate to the extent which we would like.  At times, we can’t make them move any faster.  Please bear with us through these patience-building experiences.  You have the right to expect from us professional, courteous and prompt service.  We do not, however, guarantee miracles.
7. Try to educate yourself.  It’s true that you are in a foreign land, and many things may not make sense to you.  Additionally, you may have a communication barrier because of the language – but the better educated you are about your own situation, the easier you make it for us.  You may find that internet chat sites and other people’s experience can provide you with valuable information.
8. Pay the bill. If you’re not happy with the bill, then let us know why.  Communication is key in our professional relationship with clients, and we can’t provide explanations to questions which aren’t asked.