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How to reduce Property Disputes?

Real estate litigation
6 reasons for Real Estate Litigation & Property Disputes 2

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation is a very serious issue, which arises due to the negligence of the purchaser, before and at the time of purchasing a property. The following points are required to be considered very carefully to avoid real estate litigation;

  1. Original ownership papers of the flat, house, property must be seen carefully
  2. Original approved map of the property must be seen and should be compared with the actual constructed area, covered area, super area etc.
  3. ID proofs, signatures, background of the owner mentioned in the ownership papers must be verified carefully.
  4. All above documents must be verified from the revenue authorities of that area by a property lawyer or real estate attorney before taking final decision of purchase
  5. In case of purchase of a builder flat-builder RERA registration, builder project approval from concerned area authorities, registries of land, fard, intkal, bhar mukt certificate, buyer apartment agreement conditions, mode of construction linked payments, final super area, fixed price, construction deadline, penalty clauses, late payment charges etc. must be verified minutely.
  6. To avoid any dispute consult Real Estate Attorney or Property Lawyers in Chandigarh

Property Disputes –

Ignorance and negligence are the main reasons behind property disputes and real estate litigation.

Never pay any earnest money in cash at the time of booking of property as it is not safe and moreover cash payments over 200,000/- is an offence as per Income Tax Law.

Verify all original ownership documents of property, original approved map, illegal construction, pending cases, legal notices, loan default, bank notices, building branch notices, property tax dues, electricity dues, private financier dues from the file of Estate Office of concerned areas to avoid real estate litigation.

How to avoid Real estate Litigation?

  1. Meet with the owner personally and do not rely blindly on the rosy pictures shown by the mediators
  2. Self attested copy of all id proofs of property owner like aadhar card, pan number, passport must be taken.
  3. File of property must be inspected by Property Lawyers or Real Estate Attorney and obtain Legal Verification Report in advance.
  4. No objection certificate from bank must be obtained
  5. No cash transaction will be done at the time of making payment of earnest money otherwise it will become null and void if more than 2,00,000/- is paid in cash.
  6. On the last date of registry appear before S.D.M, if the opposite party refuses to get the registry done

Consult Property Lawyers in Chandigarh?

To avoid any dispute consult Real Estate Attorney or Property Lawyers in Chandigarh

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